Here is a recent Elementary-level visual art integration unit plan that I developed to share. Please feel free to read, share, and download for your own use. 

Here is a sample of courses I have recently taught at Penn State University. Please contact me for more information about these courses or other courses I have taught and/or developed in university, museum, and public school settings. 

PSU A ED 212 - Interpreting Art Experiences: Educational Implications

Catalog Description:

A special discussion section attached to A ED 211 and required of students majoring in art education. A ED 212 focuses on the educational implications of the perspectives on art experience presented in A ED 211. This segment of the course will attend specifically to issues related to learners and learning in the visual arts, including characteristics of learners at various stages of development and the ways in which curriculum and instruction can and should be shaped by these considerations.

Student Produced Public Art 1-Minute Lesson Plan Videos

PSU ART 001 - Introduction to the Visual Arts


Catalog Description:

ART 001 is an introduction to the visual arts and is designed to meet the General Education Arts requirement. The course is offered every semester at University Park. There are no prerequisites, and students are assumed to have little or no background in studying or making art. As a result of taking the course, students are able to look more closely and find ways to say what they see in the visual arts. They become familiar with a broad range of subject matter, style and medium, with the principles of design that organize works of art, and with changing historical and cultural contexts in which the arts have been made and understood. They also experience the challenge of making art themselves, and develop a more informed critical point of view. 

Student art examples:

Student example from the Social & Persuasive Images assignment

Student example from the Social & Persuasive Images assignment

PSU A ED 303 - The Visual Arts in the Elementary School

Catalog Description:

This course covers the basic concepts of current art education theory and practice for the elementary teacher.